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Citron Sparo Partnership

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We are excited to announce that Citron is partnering with Sparo to donate 10% of all your online purchases to the charity of your choice! Sparo’s Purchase with a Purpose™ program is designed to help charities and causes that are important to all of us, one purchase at a time.

To find out more about the Sparo Purchase with a Purpose™ program, go to www.sparo.com. To participate, simply shop as you would, and at the Shopping Cart, select which charity you would like our donation to go to. Then checkout as usual in order to complete the donation.

We hope you join us in this movement, and “Purchase with a Purpose” with Citron. Click here to start shopping.

To find out more about the Sparo Purchase with a Purpose™ program, go to www.sparo.com

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Citron Clothing Launches Sparo's Purchase with a Purpose™ Program at Online Store

California based retailer gives customers the option to have a portion of their purchase be donated to their charity of choice via partnership with online startup called Sparo

SANTA MONICA, California -- December 13, 2013 -- Citron Clothing, also known as Citron, is excited to announce a unique partnership with an online startup called Sparo, which enables customers to have Citron donate 10% of their online purchase to the charity of their choice.

Sparo has developed an application that can be embedded at the checkout cart of any online store. Through their patent-pending application, customers can select one of a number of charities that Sparo has partnered with to receive the percent donation.

For Citron, this means that they will be able to give back to the local, state, national and international non-profits that their customers care most about.

“We are thrilled to be the first merchant to launch with Sparo,” said Ricki Wolman, founder and CEO of Citron. “We have done several charitable projects in the past, but our partnership with Sparo uniquely allows us to care about all the causes that our customers care about, keeping our customers happy. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we look forward to building more loyal relationships while making a difference in the lives of those in need.”

Through Sparo, shoppers feel good about purchasing from a responsible retailer, merchants get loyal customers who feel great about their brand, all while advancing the good work that charities do for their community everyday.

“Sparo’s goal is to democratize charitable giving and to create a world in which commerce and charity go hand-in-hand,” said Rob Sobhani, founder and CEO of Sparo. “Citron has made a significant step to being a better corporate citizen in their community, and I have no doubt that their business will grow as a result of this partnership.”

Sparo’s Purchase with a Purpose™ Program launches on Citron’s online shopping site (www.citronclothing.com) starting today. The program is exclusive to the online site, and does not yet apply to their brick-and-mortar stores.

Sparo is a patent-pending application completely embedded on a retailer’s e-commerce website that allows customers to have the merchant to donate a portion of their purchase to the charity of their choice. Because the merchant is making the donations, there is no cost to shoppers or non-profits. For more information about Sparo, go to www.sparo.com or contact toll free: (877) 9-SPARO-1

Citron is a Santa Monica-based fashion company created in 1992 by Ricki Wolman. Citron creates clothing printed or embellished in vintage Asian and European motifs using the finest fabrics such as silk, velvet and satin, and is flattering for all body types. Each piece is meticulously designed and executed to its distinctive perfection. For more information, go to www.citronclothing.com.

Press Contacts: Ricki Wolman
Aviva Wolman
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