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We are adding new styles and prints WEEKLY. Our pieces are unique and produced in small quantities. 
Sizes and quantities are often limited.

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Pullover V-neck Silk Tunic Citron Classic Style Cotton Top Open Front Duster/ Long Cardi Oversized Open Front Duster Citron Classic Style Tunic

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Collection of Multi-Purpose Bags

Bags and backpacks in Citron Original Prints suitable for travel and other occasions.  

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Citron Men’s Shirt Men's (unisex) Shirt Citron Style Men’s Shirt Cranes Above Water Men’s Shirt Koi Black White Men’s Shirt

Men's Collection

Unique selection of men's shirts in Vintage, Asian Prints. 

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Printed Knit Top Comfy Printed Tee Comfy Printed Tee Face Mask Collar Top

Tees Collection

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Silk Scarf FP Silk Scarf FFB Silk Scarf FFD Silk Scarf WKP Silk Scarf VSK

100% Silk Scarves!

Coordinating printed scarves produced in limited quantities exclusively for Citron  

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Citron Original Print Silk Face Mask Original Print Silk Mask Citron Original Print Silk Face Mask Citron Original Print Silk Mask Citron Original Print Silk Face Mask

Citron Original Print Protective Face Masks
made from fine quality
fabrics are available!

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Check out this amazing shirt I got from @citronclothing. I have never been someone to wear Aloha shirts, but for this heat - nothing makes me feel cooler (physically and metaphorically) than this one!

Jorge Quintero | Brain Coach, August 2020

And.... CITRON is a ONE-OF-A-KIND “gem” and a lifetime blessing. Your creative designs bring happiness to you and AND your customers “known and unknown!” Imagine, how long I’ve known Citron, and have always loved your line? Today, I counted 38 Citron “pieces” in one closet? Can’t imagine how many in other closets? Your designs are TIMELESS! I wear ALL of mine and even when wearing the older ones, they feel new. Never outdated, because of your incredible artistry. Every single piece can tell a story. To wear “art” is beyond AMAZING!
Maybe that is why its always been “my secret!” Smiles!!

Long Time Citron Fan, August 2020

About Citron

Citron was created in 1992 in Santa Monica, California, the brainchild of Ricki Wolman. Ricki began his fashion career in his hometown Cape Town, South Africa, before finally setting down roots in Los Angeles, California. Ricki pursues inspiration by traveling throughout the world, studying and gathering elements and techniques that form the basis of his unique design. From the influence of many different cultures past and present and a strong creative vision is borne the distinctive beauty of Citron.

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