Long Open Front Duster Trendy Poncho / Duster Silk V-Neck Tunic Oversized Silk Blouse Linen Shirt

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We are adding new styles and prints WEEKLY. Our pieces are unique and produced in small quantities. Sizes and quantities are often limited.

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Unique selection of men's shirts in Vintage, Asian Prints.

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About Citron

Citron was created in 1992 in Santa Monica, California, the brainchild of Ricki Wolman. Ricki began his fashion career in his hometown Cape Town, South Africa, before finally setting down roots in Los Angeles, California. Ricki pursues inspiration by traveling throughout the world, studying and gathering elements and techniques that form the basis of his unique design. From the influence of many different cultures past and present and a strong creative vision is borne the distinctive beauty of Citron.

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